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Bill Murray shaved? I wanted to see Bill The Beard...

Upon further review (I think I'm falling in love with my DVR), Renee Zellwegger did not swear on national television.

Maybe Peter Jackson should have cast Jack as Gandalf...

Billy Crystal can sing! Who knew?

Robin Williams just killed out there. Not surprising that Finding Nemo won, though it was really only a two-film race between that and The Triplets of Belleville. Also a nice little upraised finger to Eisner...

Renee looks a lot better than she did last year.

I can't decide if Liv Tyler's hair is brilliant or a disaster. Maybe a little bit of both.

Annie Lennox is apparently ageless. She looks the same as she did back when she was with the Eurythmics, what, 20 years ago? How old is she, anyway?

Jennifer Garner... nice dress. Nice toned arms, too.

What happened to Jim Carrey's hair?

Way to work the bombshell look, Ms. Johansson. Kind of appropriate that she introduced the makeup award...

It's about freakin' time that Errol Morris won an Oscar.

Loved the joke about the tax audit.

Looks like LOTR is walking away with everything that they're nominated for.

Pierce! Would it kill ya to shave before the Oscars?

Uma is a blue belt in what? I mean, she looks great, but that belt is, well, a bit odd.

The ad with the dog, well, yawn. But then again, I never was much of a pet person.

That orchestra is going to get tired of playing the LOTR music by the end of the evening.

Nice to see Sofia win the original screenplay award, if only because no way LOTR is not winning Director and Picture. Who would have ever thought that she would have grown as much as she did as an artist?

Bill Murray didn't win. Wow.

LOTR sweeps the slate, going 11-0, and now they're going to start thanking the sheep in New Zealand.

What The Heck Is It?


Looks like pre-columbian art to me.

The Remains of the Day


Shrimp, stirfried with salt, pepper, and parsley, on skewers.


Salmon poached in white wine, haricort vert, and frisee salad with lardon and toasted walnuts.


Dead soldiers.


Leftover shrimp beauty shot.

Guess Where I'm Headed, In That Case


Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself


Went to the NYC Photobloggers' event at the Apple Store this evening (featured photobloggers were, in no particular order, rion, clarsen, David Gallagher, Eliot Shepard, bluejake, infrangible, Laura Holder, Mike Epstein, and Red).

At the afterparty, I met a very attractive and intelligent young woman who was impressed that I was drinking a Manhattan; I hadn't meant to impress her, but was glad that I had. She was a Mac head, which impressed me; we talked about blogs, photoblogs, the recently adjourned event, and other such and sundry topics. I think that we really hit it off.

She was, of course, there on a date.

OK, So It's Old(ish) News

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I'm sure that everyone has heard by now about the 6th-grader who was suspended for three days for bringing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to school. But don't you think that this quote is a little suspicious?

"[Superintendent Tim] Swarr said he had never seen SI's swimsuit edition before."

Maybe he meant to say that he'd never seen this year's swimsuit issue before...

In response to the news that the President's Council of Economic Advisers is considering classifying fast-food jobs as "manufacturing jobs", Rep. Charles Dingell writes:

I am sure the 163,000 factory workers who have lost their jobs in Michigan will find it heartening to know that a world of opportunity awaits them in high growth manufacturing careers like spatula operator, napkin restocking, and lunch tray removal. ... Will special sauce now be counted as a durable good?

God, I'm Hungry

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Check out these gorgeous food porn desktop backgrounds from Chocolate & Zucchini.

Warning: clicking on the link is rather likely to make you hungry.

There's No Plate...

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Lady Macbeth, to her dog: "Out, damned Spot! Out, I say!"

Thank you! I'll be here all week. Try the veal!

Run For The Hills!

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Woke up this morning, heard the clock radio, wondered why I didn't turn it off because today is Saturday.

Gonna be that kind of day.

March, Soldier


For those of you who don't know the drill, here it is:

Post your favorite quote or lyric (and its source) that has the word "March" (the month, not the verb or noun; e.g. "Beware the Ides of March") in the comments. The winner gets their quote posted in the title bar of the main page and their website linked at the top of the permalink list for the entire month.

Any questions?

Keyless car locks failed en masse in Vegas on Friday: "'Maybe it's those little green men up north,' said Nellis Air Force Base spokesman Mike Estrada, whose own keyless entry system failed."

X-Files buffs will note that Nellis AFB is not only where the Air Force tests all its ultra-top-sekret aircraft (U-2, SR-71, F-117A, B-2, and the legendary and possibily mythical Aurora project, to name a few), but it's also the home to the legendary Area 51, center of many UFO fanatics' fevered fantasies.

Another theory revolves around an attempted casino robbery.

Oh, and in other news, it looks like the Governor of Texas is gay.

Viandante del Cielo


Coppola and Lucas join to produce Skywalker Ranch wines. Unsurprisingly (I pulled the link from /.), it's all sold out. One wonders if it's any good...

Questions of a Thousand Dreams


How do you throw away a garbage can?

Ken Goldstein needs a hug. And, by the time you read this, he'll probably need more scotch, too.

It Was Cold On Monday

Central Park In The Cold The Temple of Dendur Stone Cold Cats 14th St. Subway #1 14th St. Subway #2

Just a few snapshots from Monday. Click on the pictures for the freakin' huge versions.

Live From Madison Square Garden!


Gothamist points out a Times article that highlights how Southern Baptists are converging on New York City. Tien observes that New York already has "one group of fools campaigning for religious conversions, we don't need two."

I have a better idea:


*hey, they count as a cult, right?

Yeh Ay!

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As it turns out, you're really not supposed to "shake it shake it like a Polaroid picture."

Who knew?

It's Like Peeling an Onion


Running out of things to have your Sims do? Why not have them play a little SimCity? Ok, the plug-in is actually called SliceCity but ya gotta admit that it's a neat hack. One wonders how long it'll be before your Sims will be able to have Sims of their own...

You Are Feeling Very.... Sleepy....


For the insomniac: counting sheep.

Ce Soir au Chez Frankenstein


vdd.jpgNow I know why some people call it "Whole Paycheck".

It was Surf 'n' Turf night at Chez Frankenstein tonight (relocated, for logistical purposes, from its usual location on W. 70th St. to my parents' apartment -- mebbe I could call it "Chez Frankenstein à ma maison de parents"). It wasn't supposed to be Surf 'n' Turf, but given that

1) I was hungry whilst browsing at Whole Foods, and
2) the only hanger steak that they had was somewhat undersized,
3) it just sorta happened that way.

Anyway, so it was hanger steak and lobster. Hanger steak is a very flavorful, very tasty cut of beef that I've developed a fairly fool-proof way of preparing. Note that you need a pan that works on both the stovetop and in the oven, so anything with plastic or resin handles is out. First, season the steak with olive oil, salt, and rough-cracked pepper. Roughly dice a celery stalk, one-half of a large onion, and roughly and equal amount of carrots (I'm really lazy, so I use those little baby carrots instead). Put a little oil in your pan and heat it 'til sizzling.

Drop the steak in your pan and brown for two (or three) minutes on each side at high heat. This would be a good time to turn the oven broiler on. When the second side is done browning, pull the steak off the bottom of the pan, redistribute the veggies evenly across the pan, and then put the meat back on top of the veggies. Once you've done that, put the pan in the oven, directly under the broiler, for five to eight minutes per side (cooking times vary depending on the kind of pan you have, how hot your broiler gets, and, oh, yeah, how bloody you like your meat). When it's done, pull the pan out, drop the veggies and the meat (which should be a nice dark brown color now) on a plate, and let rest for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, your lobster has been in the steamer, right? No?

Normally, lobsters get 20 minutes of steaming per pound (or 44 minutes per kilo for our metric friends). However, since this lobster is gonna to get split in two and finished in the oven, we want to under-steam it a bit—let's say 15 minutes per pound. The lobster pictured is about 1 1/4 pounds, just FYI. The shell will be a nice bright red by the time you take it out, and the lobster will be very dead at that point; no need to worry about (excess) animal cruelty.

There's no shortcut for bisecting a lobster; a heavy, sharp knife (I used a butcher's cleaver) is pretty much the only tool for the job. Just take your heavy, sharp knife, place it directly above the thorax (head), and push really hard.

Once the lobster has been cleaved, you'll notice that it's really difficult for the thing to lie on its side because the claws keep getting in the way. This is when you want to chop the claws off. Besides, you can put them back in the steamer for a few more minutes to finish them -- in the oven, they'd be likely to dry out.

Liberally cover the interior (exposed) portions of the lobster with parmesan cheese (and, if you like, roasted garlic puree). Put the two halves, exposed sides up, in a oven-proof dish, and put that under the broiler. It's done when the cheese has melted, which should be a minute or two. It's probably best to monitor this with the oven door open, because this lets you see the process better (also, it doen't matter if the oven door is open or not, because it's the heat from the broiler that's providing the cooking heat, not the heat of the oven as a whole). When it's done, pull it out and put it on a plate.

Now that we're back to the steak, all you have to do before serving is slice (as pictured). Serve the vegetables as a side. Put the steak (pictured here on a bed of tomatoes) on the same plate as the lobster, and voila! Surf 'n' Turf.



What the fuck is a "quirkyalone"?

According to this quiz, I am very much a "quirkyalone". Whatever the fuck that is.

I could think of two three other words, both all beginning with "L" that would be equally apt; the nicer nicest one is "loner".

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He'll Be Back

At this very moment, there are at least three Arnold Schwarzenegger movies on TV.

Interesting counter-programming.


Some good news for a change: I'm still employed for at least the next week. Beyond that, who knows. But another week with a steady paycheck—that's a good thing.

Who's Afraid of Friday The 13th?

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platonic.jpgReally, it's the day after that you should be terrified of.

As pointed out by Stephanie Klein, here are more Valentine's Day cards for the non-traditional (a sample's over there on the right): we love you, yes you.

A little know fact about me was that when I went to Paris two years ago, part of the reason (or at least the timing) for the trip was to avoid Valentine's Day in the city. No, really. This year, however, what with being semi-employed and all, I'm still in the city. So having been shot down by a hot chick once again, I'm celebrating the day in the traditional manner—with my close friends Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniel (actually, there's only about 1/2 drink's worth of JW left, and I've never owned any JD; there is, however, a fair amount of port and some nice mexican beer in the fridge). Any hot chicks who know where I live with nothing better to do are welcome to stop by.

I went to a panel discussion yesterday at lunch on love, hosted by The Week; I was seated at the blogger's table (what Amy Langfield called "the token under-40 table"), sharing space with, among others I don't know, the ever-third person Gothamist, Elizabeth Spiers, the legendary Manhattan Transfer, Aaron Bailey, the fabulous Eurotrash, and, of course, the aformentioned Ms. Langfield. One of the curious things that I came away with (well, other than wondering why a clearly aging and faintly gaunt-looking Farrah Fawcett was on a panel about love) was how little time they spent discussing love and how much actual time they spent discussing sex. That, and the fact that no-one up the platform was under 50 (the moderator was Harold Evans, and the other panelists were Erica Jong, whose most famous book came out when I was 1, and Edmund White, whose most famous book came out when I was 5).

Perhaps if the moderator had been Robert Evans and not Harold Evans...

I ate there once for lunch, and really do regret that I'll never have the chance to do so again: Lut├Ęce Closing After 43 Years

Loinz. Tendera Loinz.


In the highly unlikely event (it would require a great deal of elective surgery that I'm Just Not Interested in, for one thing) that I ever became a Bond Girl, my Bond Girl Name would be "Tendera Loinz."

For the record, George W. Bush would be "Raven La Rue" and Howard Dean would be "Sky Shagmore". Oh, and in an image sure to make you scratch your eyes out, Gandalf the Gray would be "Lupe Honeytip".

Check it out: The Bond Girl Name Generator



No, not social diseases. Anti-Valentines cards. Check them out. (yeah, so I wrote about them last year. sue me.)

And if those don't get you into the mood enough, you might want to head over and check out Worst. Sex. Ever., an upcoming celebration of bad sex! (I can't make it, because, bourgeois pig that I am, I'm going to Carnegie Hall that night instead. again, sue me.) Real live people I've actually met and know are going to be there, so go be my proxy and give them moral support...

Paging Ennio Morricone

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I think I need a theme song. Maybe something like the theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly* would do the trick.

*of course, I'd have to wear a white poncho all the time and walk around with a skinny cigar wedged into my mouth all the time...

What's your theme song?

LGMs or BEMs?


Below is a slightly enhanced image from the Mars Spirit Lander (click to see the entire, unenhanced image):


While all the image enhancement tools at my disposal was unable to reveal the "John 3:16" sign that I'm sure is there, the question remains: just what the heck is that thing? Discuss.

Taken from this page.

Old Man, Look At You Now


10:30 p.m. on a Friday night. This is when the pulses with syncopated life, as New Yorkers flood the streets, laughing, dancing, drinking. As the song says, the neon lights are bright on Broadway; the clubs and bars are dim, packed, warm.

But where is our faithful hero? Is he to be found amongst the suited masses in midtown, clinking glasses in hipster dives in the East Village, chatting up a comely lass in Chelsea?

No. He is sprawled atop his bed wrapped in the arms of Morpheus, sleeping an ungentle sleep, and snoring loudly.

Geekery (or, 1001 Bloggy Tales)

  • Never undestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes. (that's not actually a quote from the article, but you get the idea...)
  • Who's Whom Whop Whoa: If you're using OS X (I'm using 10.3, don't know if this works on earlier version), open up an iChat window, start typing a word, and then hit option-escape. Even cooler than the command-semicolon spell-check trick. Works with any Cocoa application. Try it in Safari...
  • From the department of no surprises: iChat AV 2.1 now supports video conferencing with Windows.
  • From the department of why didn't anyone think of this before: Synergy, a tiny little shareware app that puts a minimal set of iTunes controllers in the menu bar. Very quickly becomes indispensable, and it's cheap ($5), too!

This Is Entry #1000


I wish I had something more interesting to say here today (I had thought about a "10 steps to better blogging article" but I didn't have the time to write it last night, as I was instead engrossed in the Soderbergh Solaris, which is a pretty good movie, if somewhat different than the Tarkovsky version--for one thing, it's over an hour shorter), but here goes:

Does anyone else call IKEA the "land of the rising meatball"?

Onanistic Luncheon Meats

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Thanks to mydoom*, it looks like I'm sending virus spam to myself!

*actually, it's probably not mydoom.a, but I'm not sure what else it could be...

On Things That Should Be in CSS (but aren't)

.selector {
background: #FFF;
transparency: 50%; }

Stupid fucking transparent PNGs.

On Higher Education


As the great american poet Thomas Petty once wrote, "the waiting is the hardest part."



Best Super Bowl ever? Discuss.

Seriously, is Phil watching the same game that the rest of us are?

And wassup with Miss Jackson's lipsyncing? I think the only one out there who wasn't lipsynching was Kid Rock... and maybe Jessica Simpson.


I'm not blogging the Super Bowl. I'm watching it instead.

Around The World in 80 Pixels

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I left out countries/states where I never left the airport.

Odds and Ends

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