Live From West 70th St, It's The 76th Annual Academy Awards!


Bill Murray shaved? I wanted to see Bill The Beard...

Upon further review (I think I'm falling in love with my DVR), Renee Zellwegger did not swear on national television.

Maybe Peter Jackson should have cast Jack as Gandalf...

Billy Crystal can sing! Who knew?

Robin Williams just killed out there. Not surprising that Finding Nemo won, though it was really only a two-film race between that and The Triplets of Belleville. Also a nice little upraised finger to Eisner...

Renee looks a lot better than she did last year.

I can't decide if Liv Tyler's hair is brilliant or a disaster. Maybe a little bit of both.

Annie Lennox is apparently ageless. She looks the same as she did back when she was with the Eurythmics, what, 20 years ago? How old is she, anyway?

Jennifer Garner... nice dress. Nice toned arms, too.

What happened to Jim Carrey's hair?

Way to work the bombshell look, Ms. Johansson. Kind of appropriate that she introduced the makeup award...

It's about freakin' time that Errol Morris won an Oscar.

Loved the joke about the tax audit.

Looks like LOTR is walking away with everything that they're nominated for.

Pierce! Would it kill ya to shave before the Oscars?

Uma is a blue belt in what? I mean, she looks great, but that belt is, well, a bit odd.

The ad with the dog, well, yawn. But then again, I never was much of a pet person.

That orchestra is going to get tired of playing the LOTR music by the end of the evening.

Nice to see Sofia win the original screenplay award, if only because no way LOTR is not winning Director and Picture. Who would have ever thought that she would have grown as much as she did as an artist?

Bill Murray didn't win. Wow.

LOTR sweeps the slate, going 11-0, and now they're going to start thanking the sheep in New Zealand.


Lennox is 50 and Carrey shaved his head for his role in Lemony Snicket.

It's like you're sitting over on the couch watching the awards with us. Like something from the kitchen?

Ya got any more guacamole?

Oops...Lennox is 49 and we're out of guacamole. How about some leftover shrimp?

And did Tom Cruise just whisper "If you make the prequel...I'm Bilbo" to Peter Jackson?

I was really, really hoping Bill Murray would win, but I thought the award would go to Sean Penn. So was Billy Crystal joking to Murray not to up and leave, or had he started to get up to leave (and we as the audience didn't see that bit)?

I liked seeing LOTR win recognition, but damn it got boring quick. At least the Kiwis are pretty good about keeping to short speeches.

Uma usually has exquisite taste in clothes. It looked like a bad kimono. The last surprising misstep I can think of was Nicole Kidman's dress for the Golden Globes.

I sort of liked the whimsy of Liv Tyler's hair. But what's up with the cute but distracting glasses? Does the girl not wear contacts?

Um...I mean, did I miss something where Bill Murray was EXPECTED to win? I mean, we all like him and he can do that beaten-down-by-the-world thing really well and it was great that he was nominated, but did anybody really think that he was going to get the award over Penn (or that he deserved it over Penn)?

I think the shaved Carrey thing started for Spotless Mind.

I wanted Jackson to start crying and i was disappointed that Shore didn't just let the tears flow.

Loved the Mitch and Mickey bit.

I just loved the fact that I got to see Johnny Depp in a tux...sigh...(wipes drool from corner of mouth) beyond that, who cares who won what?

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