The Remains of the Day


Shrimp, stirfried with salt, pepper, and parsley, on skewers.


Salmon poached in white wine, haricort vert, and frisee salad with lardon and toasted walnuts.


Dead soldiers.


Leftover shrimp beauty shot.


oh my goodness! so, so yummy! you should be able to find a woman who loves you for your cooking... and then some.

MMMMMMMmmmmmm.....Salmon AND shrimp...Mind passing along the salmon recipe? I love salmon but I have no idea how to cook it. : (

FOOD PORN!!!!! Now I really, really want some shrimp. I've got a good Cajun recipe for shrimpies I should send you to try out on your friends.

('haricorts vert'??? La-ti-da, Monsieur Fancy Pants!)

The salmon was pretty easy; just poach salmon steaks in white wine (I used riesling) for 7-10 minutes per inch. The yellow sauce on the side was mayonnaise-based sauce: two egg yolks, two or three tablespoons of mustard, the juice of a lemon and a dash of paprika in a blender, turn on low, and then very slowly add cooking oil (I used canola oil) until it starts to stiffen. Yummy.

There are about a million different ways to prepare salmon; the key (in my opinion) is to avoid very high heat and not to overcook it. Because the fish is so fatty, there's no real need to add oil or butter to it (though salmon steaks slow-roasted in the oven with a pat of tarragon compound butter is totally awesome); just dusting it with a bit of dill or tarragon in the oven is entirely enough to bring out the flavors of the fish.

Are you absolutely sure that you don't want to move in and be our houseboy???

Thank God you didn't post any pictures of your drunken dinner guests! Where is our table art? And I think Michelle is coming on to you....

Now, I'm off to consume some grease and Advil.

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