Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself


Went to the NYC Photobloggers' event at the Apple Store this evening (featured photobloggers were, in no particular order, rion, clarsen, David Gallagher, Eliot Shepard, bluejake, infrangible, Laura Holder, Mike Epstein, and Red).

At the afterparty, I met a very attractive and intelligent young woman who was impressed that I was drinking a Manhattan; I hadn't meant to impress her, but was glad that I had. She was a Mac head, which impressed me; we talked about blogs, photoblogs, the recently adjourned event, and other such and sundry topics. I think that we really hit it off.

She was, of course, there on a date.


Not a problem. How many kids do you suppose have heard the old "When-I-met-your-mother-she-was-dating-someone-else" speech?

I was dating someone else when I met John. Shit happens. People break up. Go get 'er, tiger!!!

Couldn't have been that serious a date if she was all up in your grill and shit. You tap that Mac ass!

Of course, now she's probably also going to look up this blog, see this story and these comments, be mortified, and never be heard from again in these parts!

Or maybe that's just my bitter chauvenism acting up. ;)

That would not be the desired result.

I'd like to particularly commend the K-Donk for his lockerroom antics. Snap that towel!

What'd I say?!?! I'm just trying to help!

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