What the fuck is a "quirkyalone"?

According to this quiz, I am very much a "quirkyalone". Whatever the fuck that is.

I could think of two three other words, both all beginning with "L" that would be equally apt; the nicer nicest one is "loner".

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yeah that's about the stupidest word ever (the site's exceeded bandwidth tho, so i can't even see it).

i prefer to just call myself a slut and leave it at that.

When I first read the word "quirkyalone", a mental picture of Paul Frankenstein immediately appeared in my mind.

Wearing a Napoleon costume, oddly enough.

I've only recently heard the term myself. This book is most likely the source of it.

Yuck, yuck and yuck. This whole "quirkyalone" thing is making me want to go quirkyapeshit and quirkykill some quirkyalones.

You think "quirkyalone" is stupid? I took the quiz and found out that I am "probably part of a mysterious group of people, the quirkytogethers."

Oooh, mysterious.

i finally got around to taking this - oh look at that - i'm 'romancing the world' - like i was saying, 'slut'.

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