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Oh, Shoot!


Almost forgot the February caption contest:

Submit your favorite quote that contains the word "February" in it to be used in the title of this here blog in the comments. Winner gets their site (or, if they don't have a site, a site of their choosing) perma-linked at the top of the random permalinks over there on the side for the month of February.

Have at it, boys (and girls).

Viggophilia from Shauny and Fish.

Oh yeah, and those inclined can peruse the Google image search.

The spams that come titled Give Your Girlfriend What She Really Wants! amuse me almost as much as the ones that advise me to Get A Younger, Firmer, Larger Bust Now!.

Say What?




Hot water in the morning! Boy, I'm gonna go hog-wild!

Ok, so it's actually closeer to "lukewarm" than "hot". But when compared to "Bering Strait", I'll take it.

Best Laid Plans


I had thought to take my shirts to the cleaners at some point this week, perhaps on Wednesday, on my way to work.

I am now reconsidering that plan.

And in other, entirely unrelated news, does anyone out there know much about hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Yes, Virginia, It's Snowing Like A MoFo

Walking back from my parents house tonight in the driving snow, I got a ice-cream headache.

Alaska Ho!


One never really appreciates how cold water can get until one is forced to shower in 33F water two days in a row.

Any bets on whether or not tomorrow will make it three days in a row?

Beyond Slash

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Eurotrash analyzes what the main characters in Lord of The Rings would be like in bed:

Aragorn: Providing one could overcome the almighty stench - baths are for wimps and women - one would get a hell of a pounding from the Son of Arathorn. Oh dear me yes. No foreplay with this big boy warrior, just POW! Spread 'em baby here I come. ...

Damn, she's good.

BABB 2004

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Alas, Poor Horatio, I Knew Him Well

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Ham: Alas! poor Horatio. I knew him, my friend; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now, to mock your own grinning? quite chapfallen? Now get you to my lady’s chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she must come; make her laugh at that. Prithee, what say you?

Yor: This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Ham: But what then of sweet Horatio? Is that his nature, to bear others upon his back, as the night follows the day? For then when is his day?

Yor: He is to liv’st; to report you and your cause aright
To the unsatisfied.

Ham: Only to speak to the yet unknowing world? Has that antique Roman not his own cause? Now cracks my noble heart.

-- undiscovered early draft of Hamlet, wherein Hamlet and Yorick discuss Hamlet's friend Horatio.

On Stirring in The Morning And The Need For Warmth


Waking up in the morning and hearing the dulcet voices on WNYC proclaim that it's "sunny and 13 degrees outside" is really great motivation to get out of bed. Or maybe it's not...

For Your Pets

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Some people will sell anything: PFHT Pet Foil Hat Technology

Gung Hei Fa Choi

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Happy New Year, everybody!

Insanely Great

Those of you who use an RSS reader and run iTunes should check out the iTunes Music Store RSS Generator.

Basically, it lets you generate RSS feeds for any number of different genres and types (new releases, best-selling, etc); the whoa part comes when you click on a link in one of the feeds.

Found via Brent Simmons.

Late Again

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Well, I was going to write up a big long blow-by-blow of Dahl's party (mmmm... empanadas) in honor of the Sassy Little Pumpkin's visit to the Big Bad City, but at this point, the report would be:

drank beer
Mmmm! Empanadas!
boy, those widgets in the Guiness bottles are big!
drank beer
drank more beer
opened a couple of bottles of wine

I don't see any kind of theme I could build a narrative around here, so I'm going to let other people tell the tale better than I: Joclyn (yes, that's spelled right), Alex & Deb (the ampersand is intentional), Karl, Rachelleb (that's Rachelle B., not Rachel Leb), and Tien (looks much younger than he does on TV).

This Makes Me Hungry


Florence Fabricant on the world's most expensive food court.

We Wuz Robbed (again)


The finalists for the 2004 Bloggies have been announced. Go and vote your concience, and when I say that, I mean "vote for Gothamist in every category they're nominated in."

Jungle Boogie


My new cable remote has 57 buttons on it.

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About


Guess who's the #1 Google resut for a search on "chinese history"?


Oh My

T Minus Seven Days and Counting


One week to go:


Go ahead, click the logo. You know you want to.

Update: Nametags, Yea or Nay? Vote in the comments.

Tasty Processed Lunch Meats

I got spam this morning from "Martha Stuart".

Unfortunately, it was not flogging penny stock or other investment opportunities (unless one considers an offer to add three inches to my penis (one would assume lengthwise, though the ad didn't specify) an "investment"), ere I would have titled this post: Martha Stuart, Queen of Stocks.

57 Words For The Same Thing

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The snow drifts down on little moth wings.
It's a fine, soft, dry powder,
White dust on the black streets of Manhattan.
I kick it; it scatters like desert sand.
A car spins its wheels and lurches ahead;
Rock salt crunches underfoot.
The air is cold and dry and silent
The city sleeps under a new blanket.

This is why I rarely write poetry and even more rarely publish it.

Grand Theft Bloggy

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We wus robbed!

It recently occurred to me that I know a woman who recently ended a relationship with a man from London, a woman who is in a relationship with a man from London, and a woman who wants to be in relationship with a man from London.

Must be the accent.

Diet Plan

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The vending machines in my building have broken dollar bill thingies. Because they are not fifteen feet away from my desk (as they were in the old building) and because I am not in the habit of carrying v. large amounts of change around with me, it is reasonable to assume that I will no longer patronize the vending machines.

Cartographers of the Universe, Unite!

Ever wonder what the universe really looks like? Well, here's a new map, all the way from the center of the Earth to the Big Bang. The Times has a chatty article about the map that sneaks a Discworld reference in near the end.

Just remember that the next time you get turned around outside of Tau Ceti, you might want to ask for directions.

Hello, Sailor

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Gothamist knows what sells, and what sells is tight t-shirts.

Given that the pictured half of Gothamist works in advertising, it's not entirely surprising, though one has to wonder if it's aspirational or relational marketing that they're doing...

Gettin' Radical

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By popular demand:


Click on the image (or right here) for t-shirts.

Law & Order: Internet Unit

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Next week on Law & Order: Ripped From The Headlines: After a chatty hipster weblog publishes jury information about a high-profile insider-trading case, the powerful yet reclusive editor mysteriously goes missing. It's up to Brisco and Green to track him down, using only a trail of bodies as their only clue. Meantime, McCoy and Southerlyn have to deal with an oily defense attorney who is not above raising charges of jury tampering...

Happy Happy Customers

stoplooking.gifIn case anyone out there was wondering what one of the Emporium's shirts looked like on a real-live human being, you might want to check this out. And then after you've gone and ogled that picture, you should probably go back to the emporium and buy one (or two, or three, or even four)—if not for you, then your loved one(s).

The Men Don't Know


As the lovely Ms. Spears (not to be at all confused with the lovely Ms. Spiers) sets off towards ElizabethTaylorville (soon to be renamed JLoburg), we here at pf.org thought that we should, in the spirit of, well, things we'd like to see, offer her some career advice.

See, while Ms. Spears has built her career on artfully manipulated images of near-pedophila, the truth is that the songs she picks are, quite frankly, shitty songs (and, let's face it, they're about domestic violence and domination and submission). She needs better material. And while the work of Ms. Phair ("H.W.C." and "Flower" spring to mind as obvious candidates) would seem to be a natural fit (oddly enough, that's three women named Elizabeth that I've managed to reference in one post—don't worry, I'm not going to drag the Queen into this), we think she needs to reach a little further back into vault, back to the Doors and Howlin' Wolf.

The first single off her next album: Britney sings "Back Door Man".

It's That Time of Year Again

Yes, the Bloggies are back.

(and the "best merchandise" category has been eliminated, which kinda sucks, since I actually had a shot this time around...)

(not to mention that the defintion for "best weblogging tool" is very carefully worded to exclude Maker's Mark...)

Well, I finally made it* into the hallowed pages of the New York Times (as noted by Gothamist and my cousin Nick Tang) in this article about the use and abuse of Japan as a culture in American movies.

Of course, while I'm quoted in the article (and they even included my italics), I'm not actually, ya know, mentioned by name....

Can't win, can I?

*after just about everyone else** I know made it first

**OK, that's not really true; it just seemed that way, and I'm not even counting my brother's mentions in the Washington Post, BBC.com, and the Smithsonian...



What kind of music would a band named "Frank Parris and the West Side Five" play?

Drink Up, Me Hearties! Arrr!

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It's never too early to talk like a pirate.

Now with a location (AZ, 21 W. 17th St.) and a website!

Night Of The Living Dead Bloggers

Guess who else is back from the blogging dead, if only for a brief while?

Back from the (nearly) dead

A long-time blogger starts up again, in a new location.


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Here's a nifty collection of handlettered fonts, available free!

Check it out.

I'm Not Sure How I Came Up With This One

Ever notice that the French word for Chinese (chinois) and the name of the Chinese state press agency (Xinhua) are pronounced almost exactly the same?



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2004 already? Wow. Anyway, this was New Year's Eve dinner:


From top, clockwise:

  • Steamed asparagus.
  • Cucumber salad. Inspired by this recipe from The Food Section, but simply soaked in rice vinegar and served with pine nuts.
  • Basic sauteed/stirfried ginger shrimp. If I've ever made you dinner, there's a very good chance that I've made you eat this.
  • Haricort Vert (that's French for green beans). Blanched for three minutes, then plunged into cold water to stop the cooking process, then re-heated in a pan with butter to finish the cooking process.
  • Sliced beets. Nothing fancy, just vacuum-packed beets from Fairway.
  • Roasted pepper. Just put the bell pepper directly on top of a gas burner, turning ocassionally, until the entire skin is charred black. Rinse under cold water—the charred skin will come right off under the running water.

And in the middle is an ouef cocotte, as inspired by Chocolate & Zucchini (careful viewers will note that it's actually somewhat overcooked, an easy mistake to make with this dish). Creme fraiche on the bottom of the ramekin, some mushrooms (next time, more mushrooms), a slice of summer sausage, and an egg, all baked in the oven. Even overcooked, it's really tasty.

Serve with a nice dry white wine (my dad, red-wine man that he is, was shocked), and enjoy!

The rest of the evening was taken up by watching the Iron Chef marathon on Food TV.

Happy 2004 everyone; here's hoping that it's better than 2003...