Loinz. Tendera Loinz.


In the highly unlikely event (it would require a great deal of elective surgery that I'm Just Not Interested in, for one thing) that I ever became a Bond Girl, my Bond Girl Name would be "Tendera Loinz."

For the record, George W. Bush would be "Raven La Rue" and Howard Dean would be "Sky Shagmore". Oh, and in an image sure to make you scratch your eyes out, Gandalf the Gray would be "Lupe Honeytip".

Check it out: The Bond Girl Name Generator


Ivana Rumpenstuff

"Does this catsuit make my butt look big?"

I'm apparently "Raven Honeytip" and my best friend is even better: "Bunny Highbeams" ROFL!!!!

Mine kind of sucked. Regina Clarrisa? I request a new name! Harrumph.

Aw, man... John's was way better.

Dutchess Beaverbanks

Bond Girl Name: Paris Swallowes

I thought someone already had that name. Oh wait! That's Paris "Hilton" Oops!

I think my boss's was better: Asia Goodenplenty

heh im:

Sasha Goodenplenty

yeeeeeeeeeah baby!

Cherry Loinz? I wanna recall.

Hah, my bondgirl name is Amish Highbeams

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