2003: Best-Of!

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I'm proud to present (well, after that little scandal with the nominating committee -- turns out that one of the members was had been an Enron board member and was trying to sneak some posts by Ken Goldstein past the committee in an attempt to generate paper profits for an shadowy and obscure off-shore blog operating out of the Cayman Islands) pf.org's Top Ten Best posts of 2003:

10b. Nomen, Prenomen: my 2003 NFL Draft All-Name team.
10a. She Said She Said: The Official pf.org Guide to what the other sex is really saying.
10. 72nd St. & Broadway, about 4 p.m.: Apparently everyone's favorite snow picture.
9. Warren, Warren Buffett, King of the Wild Stock Market: I still owe Scott Chaffin lunch. All he's gots to do is make it to New York City...
8. Groucho: Probably the best Noted Relationship Expert column of 2003. At least it's the longest.
7. Hand, Cookie Jar, Caught: I was in the Daily News because of this piece (after it had first been picked up by Gawker).
6. Nicknames: Baron von Funkenstein. Inspired by Rob Sterling.
5. Upon Silence: Friends don't let friends blog drunk, but sometimes it works out. Spell-check helps.
4. You Asked For It, You Got It: Paul goes on a date.
3. Frankenstein UPDATE III from mike.whybark.com: Live blogging from the heart of the NYC city blackout, graciously hosted by Mike Whybark.
2. Life is Like A Moody Black & White French Film Where Everyone's Smoking and Alain Delon is Always Waiting In An Abandoned Sidewalk Cafe For Someone Mysterious (or: Head, Wall, [verb]): In there for the title alone.

And the runaway winner at the coveted number one position is, well, who else?

1. I've Seen London, I've Seen France: My single most popular post ever (and the writing's pretty good, too), though I don't think that my visitors are checking out the Proust-meets-Joyce prose...

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Sun, Wind, Rain from mike.whybark.com on December 29, 2003 6:55 PM

Just a quick pointer to the Tablet-posted ROTK review, for comparison. My Ink and Pixels column catches up with Pete Bagge, and I review a couple other flicks on that ROTK link, too. Looking about elsewhere, I note that Maciej has brought over some cov... Read More


Sheer brilliance! All of them.

Thanks for posting this. We're working on our own "Most Wanted" post at Gothamist, but your are more amusing. Basically what we learned is that our readers are huge huge perverts.

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