Not Looking Forward To Next Year


So, the word on the street is that the bar this year was mind-bogglingly hard.

Well, that gives me something to look forward to for next year. Cheers!


Thank God for the internet, so we rising 3Ls can read all about the scawy Bar exam and sit in our fear-soaked-sweat for a whole year. Just great!

All I can say is -- yes . . . the MBE was brutal, just brutal. And I say this as somenody who scored well on the BarBri and PMBR practice exams, and who thought New York day was totally reasonable. My hope is that since everybody thought it was rough, and the scores on the MBE are scaled . . .

Lucky for you, BarBri and PMBR will probably catch up, at least a little, by next year. But for those of us this year, it was really truly like taking something we'd not prepared for.

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