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I’m a lawyer now.

Well, It Was Fun

Point: I’m done with the bar exam. Hopefully I passed—we’ll see when the scores come out in November.

Point: I’m about to head off to the exotic far east for two weeks of R&R. I’ve left you in the hands of some capable guest-bloggers to handle the traffic while I’m on a beach in the Gulf of Thailand.

Point: If you too are going to be in the far east, drop me a line and maybe we can figure out how to get our paths to cross.

Point: My flight leaves in four hours and I still have clothes in the washing machine.

Doctor Frankenstein, I Presume


On the left is the younger Doctor Frankenstein and on the right is the elder Doctor Frankenstein.

There's Only Trouble and Desire

I’m watching one of my favorite movies on the television as I write this. What’s kinda curious is that I actually haven’t seen this movie in something like 15 years, and I’ve actually read the script more than I’ve seen the movie.

I was curious to see what my reaction to the film would be; Hartley’s films use highly stylized language and line readings, and they frequently veer into minor surrealism. Would the movie hold up over time or would quirks of the film be revealed as nothing more than gimcrackery?

Even though some of the gimmicks come off as stage-y, the movie as a whole really does hold up, and it has more emotional depth and resonance than I remember. Of course, fifteen years ago, I was young and stupid (as opposed to now, which I guess I could call “rapidly heading towards middle-aged and stupid”). In some ways it’s a very dated object, in that it has many of the hallmarks of indie filmmaking of the early 1990s, but that should hardly be counted as a failing (Lawrence of Arabia has many of the stylistic hallmarks of its era, but that hardly makes it any less of a great film).

Anyway, in other news:

  • I’ve upgraded the software that runs this blog to MovableType 3.34 (the very latest and greatest version), in large part because of some long-overdue speed bumps (made possible mostly by the fact that it’s finally possible for mere mortals to use MT under FastCGI).
  • A friend of mine recently sent an email with his resume and cover letter to a law firm; he got a rejection note in 28 seconds. That is not a typo.
  • This looks like a great art show.
  • For some reason, all the fact patterns in my recently-completed trial advocacy course seemed to take place in the same city. It also seems that this is a pretty dangerous city—we had fatal car accidents, bar fights, arsons, suicides, cocaine deals, and then some. I did learn a lot about life insurance, though…
  • Sometimes I don’t understand Wall Street. Apple introduces a product that’s not going to ship for six months and the stock goes up more than 11% in two days. Then Apple announces a billion dollars in profit in a quarter and the stock drops 5%. Go figure.
  • So there’s this new carbonated tea drink called Enviga on the market that claims to burn calories, and I had one tonight. It’s actually almost drinkable, but the aftertaste is goes far beyond vile to some bizarre disgusting place. There’s also a lot of caffeine in the sucker…
  • Art Buchwald, one of the only men to ever check out of a hospice while still breathing, is remembered in the Post. With his passing, we lose a great, if somewhat underappreciated, man of American letters.

And for those of you playing at home, I’ve gotten up to “Bartok” in the song list. This is gonna take a while…

Google, I'm Giving You This One For Free

A little-known, but very useful, Google trick is that when you insert a UPS or FedEx package number into Google, it offers to automagically retrieve the package tracking information for you. Pretty neat, eh?

Well, why doesn’t Google extend that service to include legal cites? You could just put “825 F.2d 835” or “1 Cranch 137” into the search box, and the full opinion would just pop up.

This would also have the advantage of putting Lexis and Westlaw out of business….

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...Just In Time For The Torts Final

And in other news, the Pepsi machine in the school's cafeteria managed to catch on fire today. Torts professors were unavailable to comment.

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Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?


Somewhere on the school network is a shared iTunes library (not mine, in case you’re wondering) called “your ex-lover is dead” (sic). The only playlist shared is something called “this is my heart”.


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Paying Down My Karmic Debt Load


So, not only have I voted today (it’s really easy in my family—just find the column that says “Democratic” and click all the switches), but I’ve also given blood at school.

I just want to know what the APR on karmic debt is…