Well, This Explains A Lot (Or, Gov't Keeps Top-Secret Space Plane Hidden For Decades)

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030606p1.jpgAviation Week posted a story on their website last night about an ultra-secret two-stage-to-orbit space plane that has apparently been operational for the past 16 years.

Called “Blackstar”, the project apparently grew out of the remains of the old XB-70 bomber program. It operated out of Groom Lake (aka “Area 51”) and (this is personal speculation here) may be the famous and legendary “Aurora Project”.

The only reason that Aviation Week is running the story is because it seems that the program has been cancelled (or so they say). Some previous coverage of Area 51 and Aurora can be found in this post.

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Popular Science is running a piece on an apparent surge of activity surrounding Area 51/Groom Lake. The article takes the time to run through the latest rumors that surround the site, and includes a nice gallery of proposed ultra-secret airplanes.... Read More


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