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Yes, I’m live-blogging the Oscars again! Why? Because, uh, well, uh, why not? Gothamist is also live-blogging the awards. [new stuff at the bottom]

Ok, the opening CGI montage does great damage to the geography of the earth…

Nice bit with the former hosts and Jon Stewart…

I wonder if the rental numbers for Death to Smoochy will show any kind of slight uptick.

A very high-quality monologue so far… It seems that they kept Bruce Villanch far far away from the writer’s room this year.

Western montage… very amusing if somewhat facile…

I like Nicole Kidman’s dress, though her accent seems to have migrated half-way across the Pacific, like it’s half-Ozzie and half-California.

Is it just me or does William Hurt look a bit like Steve Jobs, what with the glasses and all? Clooney’s speech is rather gracious and elegant and charming and seemingly unrehearsed…

The green screen suit is amusing but it seems somewhat long…

Very nice to see Nick Park win the big animation award. Love the bowties, too.

Naomi Watts is all one color. Seriously. The dress, the hair, the skin… it’s like she went to the paint store and mixed up all the colors to match…

The Wilson brothers should do more work together.

I would have liked to have seen the reaction shot on Brad Pitt when Jennifer Aniston was introduced. This of course assumes that he’s there, which he well may not be.

The bioflick montage was… well, very obviously filler. If they’re so worried about the show going overtime, why don’t they cut some of the deadweight?

Cute Ferrell/Carrell makeup gag.

I wonder why Morgan Freeman chuckled right before announcing Rachael Weisz as best supporting actress… mebbe he had her in his Oscar pool? Also, Rachael’s bosoms were quite um, distracting.

Lauren Bacall’s suit is quite snazzy. Is she having trouble with the teleprompter?

The Best Actress tv ads were very funny, if perhaps a bit too topical.

March of the Penguins… easily the shoo-in award of the night.

J-Lo’s dress is… well, I approve.

Jon Stewart with the line of the night—“And none of those issues were ever a problem again.”

Salma Hayek can introduce me any time she wants to.

I guess this means we’ll be hearing a lot more of that Brokeback theme. It’s interesting that some of the most iconic music for westerns has been written by non-Americans…

Jessica Alba is like the size of my pinkie finger.

And the King Kong sound team seems to have the “quick speech so no-one gets cut off” Oscar thing down.

And the honorary Oscar goes to Bob Altman. McCabe and Mrs. Miller is one of the greatest westerns I’ve ever seen—I saw it in close conjunction with Dead Man, and it was very interesting to see those two great non-western westerns so closely together.

I do wonder how long it took Lily and Meryl to rehearse that opening bit.

Well, the Oscars just got a little more interesting…

Nice shout out by the director of Tsotsi to his stars.

Boy, Jon Stewart just totally blew Zhang Ziyi’s name. It’s pronounced “Jiang Zee-Yee”.

Hey, someone actually thanked their dad!

Hillary Swank must have been winched into her dress.

I don’t think that Reese Witherspoon got the red light on the teleprompter…

So they’re already seven minutes over… you think they could have cut one of the montages, no? I mean, how many times must we be urged to see movies in the theater on the big screen?

Larry McMurty is wearing jeans! It’s nice to see Larry—who is a genuine man of American Letters—get an award, though it is a bit odd to see a novelist win a screenplay award. But seriuosly… is that a wig on his head? They should have shown Annie Proulx on-camera, though.

Uma Thuman—who is wearing a truly spectacular dress—is also made up to be barely recognizable.

Ang Lee is, I believe, the first Asian director to win the Best Director award. And how many languages have we heard on the stage tonight?

It is only appropriate that Jack presents best Oscar… and Crash wins? That’s quite the upset.

They cut off the Best Picture winners???? Very very curious.

And that’s all folks! We’ll have to do this again next year…

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she wore bright blue w/flowers at the vanity fair party afterwards. but yes for oscars 2yrs ago, instyle said she was the best dressed w/her flesh colored simple (that time) dress. & of course she wore mostly flesh color for kong.

so jennifer anniston seems to wear only black. both wear what they feel like. don't you?

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