And I Haven't Even Registered Yet


Been having anxiety dreams about going to school and completely forgetting to go to one class, consistently. The sad thing is that we don’t register for classes for another, what, week or so…

(at least it’s not the one where I have to take the final while having completely forgotten to attend class all semester…)


That's so was my first day of classes, and this morning I was dreaming that I woke up an hour late for my first class (given by the course coordinator, no less). I hate those dreams!

(I turned out to be only 5 minutes late, but they hadn't started yet, thankfully.)

It wasn't quite just forgetting to go to one class repeatedly, but last semester I actually did forget to go to all of my classes for the first couple of days. I had thought that classes started a week later than they actually did, and never checked the calendar again until I went to look up first-class assignments and learned that I was supposed to be in class (and had missed Monday completely.)

it's been fifteen years, and i still have anxiety dreams about having registered for but completely forgotten about a class, something that i think probably never happened.

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