Professional Irresponsibility


If only my Professional Responsibility exam was gonna be like this one.

Well, at least I don’t have to worry about it for a while.


Dude, do whatever you can to avoid Prof. Resp. Take one of the clinics that gets you out of it. Take one of the seminars. Do anything! Worst. Class. Ever.

Put it like this: in some classes, you see some people playing free cell, hearts, etc. In this class, you see 85% of the class playing chess, the Sims, baseball strategy games, FPS games. Class game playing is at a whole new realm of existence.

I'm not sure how it is at other schools, but at mine it is THE ONLY required course after 1L. We have to take it, there is no way *at all* to get out of it, and believe me, I've tried to think of one.

At my particular rabbit hole, the class itself is not required, but there is a 'professional responsibility' requirement that can be fulfilled by various other means...

It's an ABA requirement, so everybody everywhere has gotta take it.

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