Words... They Fail Me...


So someone thought that it would be a good idea to make a movie about roller disco?

Someone explain this to me.


Because it's a heart-warming tale of a young man following his dreams and...

Oh wait, I have no idea.

Twice! They actually made a remake of the movie, too. Astonishing.

These are the truly hard-to-understand mistakes. Back when I worked in a job where I evaluated software and wrote about it, I used to get a lot of product literature in the mail. One day, I got something that looked a bit like a pizza box. Within was a divider with some press releases and brochures, and along the side, another divider which contained a rubber glove, a small magnifying glass, and a very very tiny jar of Vaseline.

This company refurbished old PCs in bulk for companies who wanted to get rid of them. The tagline: We'll give that PC a full body cavity search!

The thing is, with all the effort that went into it, at least a dozen people saw it and worked on it for more than ten minutes, and not ONE of them said, "This is a fantastically, horribly, stupidly BAD idea and we should stop RIGHT NOW."

That phenomenon -- the silence of the many in the face of stupidity, when the spell of a stupid idea can be broken at any time by a comment by only one person -- is what's really amazing. It's a strange and powerful force.

Dance! Boogie Wonderlaaaaand. Ah. Ah. Ah!

As a 46 year old white male from New Hampshire, I gotta tell you, I CAN'T WAIT for this movie! Of course, I'll wait for it to come to the $1 movie house, but still, I'm going to see it on a big screen (mostly for the music). Why? Who can say. Maybe because I loved roller skating to disco at the local rink (I blade to house music now), and I still love soul/funk. We don't choose these things. They just happen.

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