Spoilers for Episode III


Revenge this, pal:

  1. Anakin’s gonna turn into Darth Vader.
  2. Colin Firth, trying to set a record for playing the same character in as many different movies as possible, appears as Darth Darcy.
  3. Obi-Wan develops a nasty heroin habit and movies to Scotland where he falls in with Darth Begbie.
  4. In a lengthy subplot, Jean Reno plays Darth Leon, a Sith Lord who crosses over to the light side and saves Queen Amidala from an insane renegade Jedi played by Gary Oldman.
  5. In an attempt to cash in on a record-breaking movie trilogy, Lucas has digitally added computer-generated hobbits to certain scenes.
  6. It’s gonna suck.


Projecting the trend of the last two films, Episode III is all lined up to join the ever-growing pool of contenders for "Worst Film of All Time."

it WILL suck. and, unfortunately, i'll still go see it.

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