LOST In A Land Without Toiletries


Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the castaways on Lost been on that island for more than a month? So shouldn’t the men have grown full beards by this point?

As a side note, check out this fictional fan site for the fictional band Driveshaft, which is, of course, the hobbit’s band in the series.


Well, ostensibly, many of the passengers might have had shaving cream and razors in their luggage. This only clears up the matter at hand though, and I know you could sit here pointing out oodles of factual errors in the show that we would have no answers to. What is wrong with this show, and why do I keep watching it if it drives me so crazy?

Never mind beards. What about armpit and leg hair on the women? And where are they getting the eye makeup and lipstick? And how are the lost keeping their teeth clean? Why hasn't the obese guy dropped any weight? If he's eating fish and berries he should be 20 lbs lighter by now.

Well, I would argue that the women have horded all the razors because they all seem to have kept up shaving their legs, etc, whereas all the men seem to have a perpetual 3-day stubble, except for Jin, for some reason.

And perhaps there was a Mary Kay saleswoman onboard. That would explain the makeup.

Well, I'd have a full beard by then, but I do know some guys who wouldn't - they just don't grow much facial hair. Can't speak to the women's relative hairlessness - as PF suggests, maybe there was a Nair hoarder onboard.

And for the record, Hurley did tell Charlie that he'd dropped two belt sizes already.

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