My new best friend is the 1-liter size Diet Coke.

Oh, and I said something in Contracts today, entirely expecting the Prof to explain in excruciating detail just how exactly I was wrong (after all, that’s what law professors are paid to do), and he surprised the shit out of me when he said “I agree with you.” Damn. I must be getting the hang of this. Of course, I totally was non-comprehending when we went on to the next case…


That's ok. As long as you don't let law school convince you that you know everything, you'll be all right. ;)

But really: Hooray!

You really shouldn't drink so much of that cola swill. It's just not good for you. Consider diluting your intake with tea (hot or cold).

FYI: Pussy Ranch and Belle de Jour both have stopped posting :-(

Paul, don't let them fuck with you like that. They only tell you you are right to confuse you. On the exam, that will totally be the wrong answer. Never forget it's lawschool, yo.

Also, seeing as you are in my neighborhood all the time for school, when are we getting together for a drink? It's been ages since I saw you.

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