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Sofia Coppola's new film Lost in Translation is an amazing, beautiful film. I gotta put it at the top of the list for movies I've see this year (yeah, even beating out American Splendor (though not by much, as they are very different movies)). As many others have said, the movie is built around an astonishing performance by Bill Murray that opens up the actor in ways I've never ever seen before. It's a masterful piece of work; the actor plays against all expectations and delivers an understated portrait of a man who's tired, lost, and, above all, human. There's a hilarious scene where Murray is filming a commercial for Suntory whisky (translated from the Japanese here); the man is utterly confused by what's going on yet pulls it together like the pro that he is.

More importantly, though, is how Murray's understated performance opens up the film for his co-star, the wise-beyond-her-years Scarlett Johansson. While Murray provides the grounding and structure for the movie, Johansson is the emotional heart of the film as the young woman (apparently based on Coppola herself) who is tentatively trying to find herself.

See this movie. Seriously.

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And tonight, it's off to Na Na for raw fish with a chaser of Lost in Translation. I am a bit concerned about seeing the film; it's been so well received by blog-neighbors it's kind of like going to see that film that all your favorite critics have warm... Read More


Sorry, I can't get past her performance in Godfather III to think she'd be good at directing.

Geez. That was 13 years ago, and she was only 18 at the time. I think she's matured somewhat since then...

I can't get past her appearing as a baby boy in the first Godfather, fer cryin' out loud.

No, seriously, Paul's spot on. I ranted about the brilliance of this film already. It's simply perfectly breathtaking.

Paul, why is it that you don't write movie reviews for a living?

Because I couldn't make a living writing movie reviews? Because I'm profoundly lazy?

Her movie is getting amazing rave reviews from serious, educated people. Lots of them. Just like Mr. Frankenstein!

I will see it, as soon as I stop having mountains of math homework...

Lost in Translation is quirky and almost interesting. Bill Murray's understated comic brilliance shines in this movie. Repetitive scenes of Scarlett Johannsen (loved her in Ghostworld) moping in various states of undress in her hotel room, trying to figure out "who I am," become tedious after awhile. You're a Yale grad, you married a cool photographer guy who loves you unconditionally, you have money, you travel to exotic locations, and you're depressed? Well, of course a life like that's going to rouse a bitch of a personal crisis. I'm joking. Sort of. I don't like to be reminded that so many of us spoiled westerners have exactly this kind of angst going on daily. Also, and I'm not sure about this but it looks like Scarlett's overdone the lip collagen. Blowing up already nicely shaped and full lips seems symptomatic of a gross kind of self-indulgence. Especially when one's lips are reasonably luscious to begin with, and hers are or were. Anyway, there is an inordinate amount of focus on her mouth, and frankly her mouth looks like a puckering pink anemone in that movie. And something else I can think of that I'm really not into, thanks. Grody! Most of L-In-T's funny bits are available in the trailer. Still, they are worth the price of admission. Bill Murray alone is worth the price.

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