Fair Kate


According to EurasianNation, Kate Beckinsale qualifies as Eurasian, and insomuch as she's 1/8 Burmese (IMDB suggests that she's actually 1/4), I suppose that she does; she's just not exactly what one thinks of when one thinks "Eurasian".

I mean, Tiger Woods? Sure. Keanu Reeves? Yup. The Tilly Sisters? Dean Cain? Asia Carrera? Norah Jones? No problem. But Beckinsale? I dunno about that.

There are a bunch of interesting articles in their "Eurasian Experience" section; if you read a whole mess of them in a row, it's pretty easy to pick out the common themes and common experiences.


Asia Carrera, eh?


You would have me post the link to her website? Or would that be unnecessary?

Asia Carrera? Any relation to Tia Carrera of Wayne's World fame?

Okay, I just googled Asia Carrera and can answer my own question posted above: "Who cares?"

I feel so dirty now. It's the crying game....

well, it would stand to reason that Asia took her, um, performing name from Tia. So there's some sort of, ah, relation there.

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