I Think That I Need to Buy a New Mitsubishi With My Amex Card and Celebrate By Drinking A Coors Light


I just caught the first episode of what looks to be the highly addictive new series The Restaurant, and I gotta say, I think that that's the first time I've ever seen two product placements in the opening credits.

The plugs in the show were really annoying and forced, too.

Of course I'm going to watch next week's show.


I'll never watch the show, i'm sure, but, i have to admit, it's the first reality show in what is it, five years of this crap, that's even REMOTELY attracted consideration on my part.

I guess restaurant experience will do that to a person.

funny, you don't strike me as a mitsubishi kind of guy.

Mitsubishi was one of the product placements in the show.

There are three very obvious placements: Coors/Coors Light (featured in the opening credits); American Epxress Open Small Business Services (also featured in the opening credits); and Mitsubishi (I wouldn't have pegged this as a placement except that 1) Mitsubishi ran the first TV ad during the show and was identified as a "brought to you by" sponsor and 2) Rocco's car (a brand-new Mitsubishi SUV, naturally) lacks a front license plate; it features a plate with the big M's advertising slogan instead.

And, of course, there's the restaurant itself, a glorious product placement if there ever was one.

Hmm. Do they prefer AmEx? Or just not take anything else?

They probably take other cards (particularly now, as the show has stopped filming), but the main Amex product they were pushing was the Amex OPEN Network for small businesses. They even had a couple of ads featuring the chef talking about how OPEN helps him run his small business.

having opened a few restaurants
i think i will have to stay far away from that show
will probably give me a coronary

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