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Nice to see Spirited Away win best animated feature.

Also nice to see Chris Cooper, a guy I've liked since Lone Star, pick up a statuette.

You know, Renee Zellweger really needs to do Bridget Jones 2 'cause she could really use a couple of extra pounds.

Boy, that song from Frida sure did suck.

Is anyone reading this? Leave notes in the comments.

The dead guy won for best cinemetography. Shades of the '00 Missouri Senate race.

Snooooooze. The U2 song wasn't bad, though the point of having an Irish band do a song about America escapes me. And what's up with Colin Farrell's eyebrows?

Interesting that they showed a clip from Patton in the Best Actor montage; if memory serves, George C. Scott didn't accept his award as a protest against the Vietnam war. update: it's actually even more interesting; Scott refused because "The (Academy Awards) ceremonies are a two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons," not as an anti-war protest. And, as a side note, they also showed a brief clip from The Godfather, a role for which Brando refused his Oscar... Thanks to KG for the correction.

Why isn't Dustin Hoffman reading off the teleprompter, like everyone else?

Eminem wins best song. Unsurprisingly, he didn't perform.

One wonders if it's the first time that the Best Song winner wasn't performed at the ceremony.

Seems to me that neither best actor(ess) winner had much in the way of a speech prepared.

Is this the first time that best screenplay has gone to a foreign-language script?

Roman Polanski: great director, Academy Award winner, and child rapist. The Pianist was a great film, though.

Nice to see the return of "and the winner is..."

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Let's open the envelope, shall we? Category Mike said Oscar said Status Best Picture Chicago Chicago A hit! Best Director Rob Marshall (Chicago) or Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York) Roman Polanski (The Pianist) A miss. Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis (Ga... Read More


Well, yes I am reading this. I am guessing you are/were watching the oscars?

Yup. And live updating, too.

I actually thought of you when Spirited Away won because I had remembered that you had written a glowing blog post about it after you'd seen it. Good eye, Frankenstein.

um - what's this about renee zellweger? sheesh

ya know i liked the pianist - but not that much - there was no emotion to it.

so my favourite mr. cellophane from chicago in the audience.

I actually thought that Lilo & Stitch would have won the animated category -- that's what Disney was really pushing, and after last year (when Shrek beat the far superior Monsters, Inc.), I figured that the Academy would go for the popular choice.

Incidentally, Lilo & Stitch is a really funny movie. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw it.

pssst... open bold tag at the end of your post, I think.

shhh. don't let on.

Actually, Brando refused the oscar because of the way Native Americans are treated by hollywood.

Best Original Screenplay 1966 -- A Man and A Woman by Claude Lelouch -- a French film won the award for writing.

Same category 1962, Divorce Italian Style.

Not only does Renee Zelliwelli need to carboload, she needs to get another expression. I'm tired of the "I just smelled something bad and I'm still trying to smile" look that she seems to have perma-installed.

D'Lish, didn't fishing rights get in there too?

MRW-- That was the most perfect description of Renee Zellweger's patented expression I've ever read. Seriously.

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