The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands


In collaboration with Mike Whybark Enterprises and The Ken Goldstein Project, I very proudly present the very finest in Goldsteinwear: The KG Collection.

All proceeds will go to fund the charity of Ken's choice (I'm guessing it will either be the KG beer fund or the Barbie fund, one of the two).

And speaking of beer, if you wear a shirt (or other article of clothing) from the KG Collection to the next BABB, you will get a free beer!

Next up for the emporium? Probably counterfeit Gawker goods...


Oh my god! I want to wear Ken Goldstein on MY crotch!!!
That is so fucking funny, Paul.

I'm sure that Ken would be delighted to know that.

speaking of which, Paul, di you by any chance edit a certain word on the KGP thong?

Nope, no word change.

Though the thought had occured to me.

Who the hell are you people?! Stay the hell away from me!!!

(Except for this "Fish" person; I find her devilish insouciance intriguing.)

Hey, that restraining order ran out. What did you expect us to do?

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