The Ballad of Aragon and Arwen


Perhaps the best summary of The Two Towers yet: THE TWO TOWERS (condensed)
By Molly Winter

Warning: this link may induce laughter. We do not recommend the consumption of beverages while reading it.


Too late. It already did. Repeat after me five times: "I will stop laughing and drinking over my keyboard."

Price of education at Oxford for two years as grad student: $60,000

Price of free ethernet line that comes with being a grad student living in college accommodation that brings us hilarious goodies like Molly Winter's spoof: Priceless!

beauteous... and coming from a lotr lover that means a lot.

I laughed myself silly.

i love the lord of the rings. my fav charaters are legolas (is sooooooo hot), Aragon, galadriel, and arwen. but orlando would have to be my favourite. i always watch lotr. when i went to the two towers i was sweeped away i loved it. i wish there was a million and legolas was the main character. from lotr biggest fan(and that is true)

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