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The IMBD is running a poll to figure out what New Line Cinema will do to keep the LOTR franchise alive after The Return of the King is out.

My favorite options are:

  • Release the three LOTR films as one twelve-hour, two intermission movie marathon
  • Give Charile Kaufman The Simarillion and see what he can do with it.
  • Get taggers to think that "Frodo Lives" is some new, cool gang slang
  • Release DVD versions where you can edit Liv Tyler OUT

(Link updated to reflect the results of the poll)


i take it you don't like Liv Tyler.

Let's just say that I wouldn't have cast her as Arwen.

the twelve-hour theatrical is generally assumed to be in the works, but obviously for limited release - in fall 2002, for example, they had limited access, one-day-only screenings of all the extended DVD content for Fellowship in about 12 cities worldwide. It was the only theatrical screening of the 1/2 hour longer version of the film to date.

Also, Jackson has been less definitive about ruling out The Hobbit of late - he holds the rigts, specifically to block others from tackling the project.

The Kaufman idea is hilarious.

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