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VH1 Classic is pretty cool. It's basically all classic music videos, all the time (hey, remember when MTV actually played music videos? Me neither), with no commercials.


So I'm watching it, brain turned off, and Madonna comes on. Singing a song called Material Girl. It's pretty amazing that people took this song seriously once. I guess that we didn't have a sense of humor back in 1984.

And speaking of a sense of humor, when did Madonna lose hers? She hasn't done anything fun or funny in years.

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I was looking at your list for 100 greatest songs and it is amazing to me Janet Jackson "Nasty" made only 22 on the list. Her song "IF" or "That's the way love goes" should be at least in the top 10. She is an amazing artist and the lyrics in her songs are amazing. If Janet song isn't in the top 10, then it's truly isn't a list.

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