A few notes that would maybe have gone on Twitter, but hey, whatever (Special Olympics Edition)

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Erm, what the title says.

  • The Team USA softball uniforms look like the sort of thing that you'd find in a competitive rec league, not the Olympics. Seriously, can't we do better? And what's with the huge swoosh, anyway?
  • Three bookcases down.
  • The padding in bike shorts really does make a huge difference. Believe it.
  • Speaking of things that work, icing down sore joints isn't just a myth.
  • Chopping up large fruit can be remarkably soothing.
  • Dobkin and Kottke: America's next great synchronized diving team.
  • Everyone piles on NBC's coverage of the Olympics (to save you the time: people want more sports and less talking), so I won't do it here (well, see infra), but I have to say that ESPN's coverage of the Olympics is really pretty bad.
  • Speaking of things that are bad, this chihuahua movie that's being advertised on TV right now looks truly horrific.
  • I expect less than half the competitors who start the Olympic marathon to finish it.
  • California is weird.
  • Average body-fat percentage among Olympians: 0.0%.
  • Olympic-level intensity: scary or inspiring? I'm leaning towards scary, myself.
  • OK, here's my beef with NBC's coverage of the Olympics: apparently no-one at the ENTIRE FREAKIN' NETWORK knows how to pronounce "Beijing". See this video for instruction on how to do it right..

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