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The Times has a cute story today about “Googlegängers”, otherwise known as people who you can find on the Internet with the same name as yourself.

I’d like to apologize right now to all the other Paul Frankensteins out there (I know of at least two more in the United States—one in Washington State and one in California (and no, we’re not related, thanks for asking)—and one in Germany) for completely dominating the Google search results for our name. Apparently, my Google-Fu is a bit too strong.

Anyway, here’s a link to a picture of another one of my Googlegängers (though I’m not sure which one he is, exactly) (I’m guessing from context that this particular Paul Frankenstein has long since shuffled off this mortal coil).


He's the one all the way on the right of the first photo; they're all on the Austrian team for track and field events.

For a long time the top google hit for me was to some old NYT article about my googleganger being charged for r*pe out on Lawn Gisland.


And I don't have a common name.

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