The Midas Touch


These are the various starting quarterbacks my fantasy team has started this season (the league allows for two starting QBs per week):

  • Jake Delhomme—out for the season with an injury to his throwing elbow
  • Trent Green—out for the season with a concussion
  • Kurt Warner—playing, but with torn ligaments in his non-throwing elbow
  • Byron Leftwich—out for three to four weeks after an injury to and subsequent surgery on his right ankle
  • Kelly Holcomb—out for at least a week with a whiplash-like neck injury
  • Quinn Gray—miraculously not injured yet

I know football’s a tough sport, but this is headed towards complete absurdity.


What a tool that Commissioner must be to make you start two QBs.

Didn't want to be a weirdo blog lurker, so I felt I should probably comment. I haven't read your blog much since Mike Wolf passed away.

I'm happy to see that I'm not the only struggling FF owner out there. Both of my teams have a 2:1 ratio of "players I picked up midway through the season" to "Players I drafted."

Unlike you, however, my teams aren't filled with injured players as much as they are filled with players who should have been good this year. Like Drew Brees. And Donte Stallworth. And, for that matter, every other people I drafted.

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