Our Long National Nightmare Is Over


It took me a whole lot longer than I was expecting, but as of 8:45 p.m. ET, I have finally finished playing every single song in my music library. For those of you too lazy to click on the link, I’ve been listening to every single song in my iTunes library in alphabetical order (more or less) since January 1. It looks like I originally thought that I might get done in mid-March. Heheh.

Let’s run the numbers:

  • 7,598 tracks
  • 24 days, 19 hours, 57 minutes, 14 seconds of total playing time
  • Average track length was 4 minutes, 42 seconds
  • 149 days of calendar time
  • 51 tracks per day (on average)
  • 3 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds listening per day (on average)
  • First song played: “?Y Tu Que Has Hecho?”, The Buena Vista Social Club
  • Last song played: “Zyphormius”, Marumari

I’m never doing this again.


I enjoyed watching the countdown(up?). I discovered some new music on the way through your lastfm stream.
At least one of us isn't disappointed.

You are muy loco, my friend. But hell, good on ya for sticking with it.

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