Coming up For Air


I have to admit that finishing law school has been rather anticlimactic.

I think that part of that is that instead of finishing up with an in-class final, the last two assignments I finished were a take-home exam and a paper. So instead of being triumphant at school with friends, I rather finished my law school career sitting at home, clicking on ‘send’.

In addition, I managed to only have one day off between ending my academic career (until further notice) and the start of the bar review course (that would have been today). And that I just spent eight hours learning criminal law and criminal procedure—or at least enough to pass the bar.

While it seems like just yesterday I was starting school, it’s been a long, strange trip. I have to admit that I had no idea what I was getting into when I started—and I think that most people who go through law school would say the same. At the same time, I’m glad that I went through it, and I think that I’m probably better off for having done it. I’ve grown a lot, and I’ve done some things that I wouldn’t have thought I was capable of.

Having said that, I have to say that law school is very good at producing people who are going to be lawyers. Not so good at producing people who are good at other things, though. And if you’re going to go through law school just because you don’t know what else to do after you graduate, well, don’t.

So what’s next for me?

Well, my immediate future is dominated by two things—the bar exam and preparing for it. And then? I have a job for the twelve months starting in September. It’s not in New York (close enough to visit), but that’s OK with me—I think that after 11 years in the big bad city, it might be time for me to take a bit of a break from the bustling metropolis. After that? well, look at it this way: life is a series of crossroads, some larger than others. And the one coming up is gonna be a pretty big one.

In other news, I have exactly 500 songs left in the great countdown; it’s taken me somewhat longer than I was expecting, but I’m in the Vs, and the end is finally in sight….



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