A Little Light Reading

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On the grounds that I’m going to have far too much time on an airplane in the not too distant future, I stopped off at the book store for some light reading:

That should keep me busy for a while…

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As it turned out, while I did spend a ridiculous amount of time on airplanes and other forms of transportation on my recent jaunt (approximately 39 hours airborne, plus about 12 hours on trains), I got surprisingly little reading done... Read More


Another recommendation: Erik Larson's "The Devil in the White City" - an excellent historical account that reads like a novel. I've been pushing that one on everybody.

The following by James Clavell are highly recommended:
Shogun, Tai-Pan, Gai-Jin, King Rat, Noble House, Whirlwind.

Thousands and thousands of pages of goodness.

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