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As usual, no Google. It’s probably a little harder than the last one.

  1. What did ENIAC stand for?
  2. What was the first film to win Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress?
  3. Which President of the United States served in office for the shortest amount of time?
  4. What are the IRT, IND, and BMT, and what do the acronyms stand for?
  5. Who was Evelyn Nesbit?
  6. A wiki is a user-editable website. Where did the name “wiki” come from?

And now, last week’s answers:

  1. The hit television show Lost was directly inspired by what other television show?
    Lost was originally pitched as a scripted Survivor.

  2. In the Buster Keaton movie The General, what does the title refer to?
    The General is the name of Keaton’s steam engine.

  3. In the kitchen, what is a mandolin?
    A mandoline is a kind of vegetable slicer with a movable blade.

  4. To whom did Beethoven originally dedicate his Third Symphony?

  5. Who was Leland Stanford, Jr.?
    Leland Stanford Jr. was the son of Leland Stanford Sr., who was a railroad baron and the former governor of California. After Jr.’s death at the tender age of 15 due to typhoid fever, Sr. founded Stanford University, naming it after Jr.

  6. What college did Steve Jobs attend?
    Steve Jobs attended, but did not graduate from, Reed College in Oregon.

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As usual, no Google and post your answers in the comments: Who was the first openly gay person to host the Oscars? What is the connection between Moby Dick (the whale) and Moby (the DJ and musician)? For whom was... Read More

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I WUZ ROBBED! Reality and truth trumps poetic insight NEVAR!

1. Experimental National Intelligence Analog Computer
2. Yeesh. Wings, first best picture, 1921?
3. Tricky! Post electoral, that's Benjamin Harrison, laid low by the flu he contracted giving is inconceivably-long inaugrural address. Pre electoral, there were several one-day fellows.
4. Boston-area metro services, and I have no idea.
5. The secret wife of Michael Nesbit, from the Monkees. She invented post-it notes.
6. apocryphal information concerning polynesian lingo.

Here's one for you, Paul: which answers above did I think were correct at time of posting?

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