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No Googling, and the answers go in the comments. Six points possible; half points given on questions 2 and 5; and yes, these are hard. Getting three of six would be a very, very good score.

  1. What was the first song the Beatles recorded that used backwards masking?

  2. What two Wagner operas feature a singing contest as a significant part of the plot?

  3. The character of Bill Haydon in the novel Tinker Tailor Solider Spy is loosely based on what historical figure?

  4. What semi-autobiographical poem made Goethe famous?

  5. What two famous SF novels did Eric Blair write?

  6. During World War II, the American Volunteer Group was more commonly known as what?

I’ll post the answers on Tuesday.

(And I’m up to “Face to Face” now; progress is slowly being made)

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Six more questions; these should be marginally easier than the first set: Who was the second Jewish United States Supreme Court justice? What did GIs call the Gooney Bird? Where did Samuel Clemens get his pen name? What popular English... Read More


1, 2, 3: i have no idea, but i bet the beatles song is on Rubber Soul.

4, 5, 6:
Sorrows of Young Werther, Animal Farm and 1984, Flying Tigers.

And as a bonus, Claire Chennault and P-40s.

no idea about any question but the last; it was the Flying Tigers, Chenault's outfit in China.

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