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One silly project that I’ve started for 2007 is that I’m trying to play through my entire iTunes library. Right now, it consists of 6,979 songs and is 22 days, 21 hours, 10 minutes and 45 seconds long, if played continuously.

I suspect that it’ll take a couple of months to completely play through the entire library (I’ll be done sometime in mid-March is my best guess). I’m playing the tracks in alphabetical order; the first track played was “?Y Tu Que Has Hecho?” by the Buena Vista Social Club; the last track played will be “Zyphormius” by the American DJ Marumari.

Playing through the tracks alphabetically provides some degree of randomness in the play order (e.g. unlikely that you’ll hit a long block all by the same artist, and track times will vary) while at least providing some kind of structure to this project.

The problem with this approach will come when the playlist hits, say, the six different versions of “In Your Eyes”, the four different versions of “Wonderwall)”, or the five different versions of “Who Do You Think You Are”. And, of course, when I get down to the “Sy…” section, there’s all nine Beethoven symphonies plus two by Brahms to slog through.

You can track my progress on, if you’re so inclined; at the moment, I’m in the “2”s, playing “2/2” from the Bang On A Can All-Stars remake of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports.

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admirable, and i'd totally be up for the same feat, except that my external hard drive, that which houses all my music? kaput. damn it.

You could increase your song output n-fold by running n instances of your music software and just MUXing the output.

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