George Bush: Not A Disappointment

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In Gothamist’s coverage of the State of the Union address, they make the following observation:

…everything that came after was a bleak reminder of how President Bush has been disappointing on so many fronts.

Actually, I don’t think that George W. Bush has been disappointing at all. I thought his presidency was going to be a disaster, and he delivered. I thought the war in Iraq was going to be a disaster, and he delivered. I thought that he would cravenly manipulate intelligence for political ends, and he delivered. I thought he would be a pawn of big oil, and he was. I thought that he’d initiate massive giveaways to the rich, and he did. I thought that he was stubborn, inflexible, convinced of his own rightness, a bully, and a coward. And he’s proven that over and over again.

No, George W. Bush hasn’t been a disappointment at all—he’s done everything I thought he’d do!

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I'd go as far as saying he's an overachiever—he's done far more than I ever imagined he could.

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