I Need To Work On My Timing

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I’m heading out to see my sister in two days. Between now and then I have to:

  1. Finish my last final (it’s a 48-hour take-home)
  2. Finish Start Xmas shopping
  3. Do Laundry
  4. Pack
  5. Make sure the DVR doesn’t erase anything that I haven’t watched yet that I want to keep.

And in other news, this will be the fourth time in a row that I’ve visited northern Europe in the dead of winter. And not just in the dead of winter—this will be the third time in a row that I’ll have either landed either on landed on the day before the winter solstice. One of these days I’ll get over there during the summer…

1 Comment

but it's a very mild winter here this year and all the christmas lights in the city will still be out. i'm sure you'll find it enjoyable.

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