Complaints Complaints

Given yesterday’s deluge of procrastinationinformative posts, I figure going back to the ‘post a day’ rate, at least from this end. I can’t replicate the encyclopedic link entries Paul generates seemingly at whim, but I can maintain some of the whim.

Today’s theme, straight from the goodwill of the holiday season: complaints. Perhaps doubly important because one of the protests going on in the city today is happening outside my front door.

The Complaints Choir Project - started in Helsinki, the project has spread to Birmingham, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, and according to the splash map, Bodø, Norway. Unforunately, only Birmingham and Helsinki’s performances (English subtitles included) have been edited and uploaded to youtube. Portions of the text for Hamburg and St. Petersburg can be found in the captions of individual pictures. Haven’t linked to the Birmingham performance as Birmingham’s performance comes off as simply whiny; Helsinki’s choir deserves the subtitle ‘Joys of Life in a Socialist Nordic Country’.

Featured recently on youtube, Rob Paravonian’s Pachelbel Rant is also worth watching.

Tomorrow’s theme: another holiday-inspired derivation.