Good News! Bad News!


Good news! Apple is teaming up with a number of airlines, including Air France and KLM, to add iPod integration to their fleets. Co-incidentally, I’m going to be flying Air France and KLM to and from, respectively, Germany over the winter break.

Bad News! The iPod integration won’t appear on plane until mid 2007, or long after my trans-Atlantic jaunts!

Well, I guess I could cue up the five-act version of Don Carlo and see if the iPod battery can make it through the whole thing…


I just don't understand the point of this. Ok, the screens on airliners are somewhat larger, but they tend to be horrendously poor quality. Is the idea that you can play video on the iPod with the iPod's screen off and less draw on the battery?

Or you could get a TuneJuice and carry a couple of spare 9 volt batteries...

I think that's exactly the idea. While airline movie screens do suck, it is easier to watch them than, say, your iPod. Plus, it's unlikely that the airline will be showing *Snakes on a Plane* or *The 400 Blows* or the unrated director's cut of *Caligula*.

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