That's Where The Action Is, Son


The best part of this law post about yet another baseless violent video game lawsuit are the comments.

Which brings me to a grammar question: “The best part of this post is the comments” or “the best part of this post are the comments?”

Or, another way to look at it: is the phrase “the comments” a singular collective noun?


either go british or american style on the 'is' or 'are' for a singular collective noun: "radiohead are the best band ever" versus "nirvana is the worst band ever". if you choose american, you can still use "are" as long as it's: "the best parts of this post are the comments". will your blog think yiddish, but speak british? i guess this is just another one to put into the conflicts of law crank bank! ;)

Alternatively, I could have gone with "the best part is the commentary", explicitly making it singular.

Oh well.

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