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Won of the moist exciting knew features in Microsoft Office 12 is contextual spell-check in Word. In other words, Microsoft’s engineers and programmers took the technology in they’re grammar czech and applied it too the problem of homonyms. Word will now czech not only four poor grammar, but also four incorrect word choice. No more confusing “their” and “they’re” (or “cant” and “can’t”)!

While this won’t bee a substitute for actually knowing proper English, eye think it’ll cut way down on the number of brane farts that will make they’re whey in too print.

This is a grate leap forward (at leased in my opinion); won can only hope that it will help fix the problem of people knot knowing the write word to use. You can reed more about it—and sea sum screenshots—hear: Contextual spelling in the 2007 Microsoft Office system

As a side note, won wonders how long it’ll bee before spelling czech migrates from the Office sweet to Windows proper; after all, the McIntosh already has system-wide spell-czech, do too the fact that its built-in too the Cocoa API.

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Well, this cud save us from making won ton of miss steaks.

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