Well, That Took Long Enough

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So I’m finally publicly launching the new design. Hopefully it’s a little cleaner than the old one. It’s been tested on Safari, Firefox, and IE 6. I’m positive that the design is horribly broken in IE 5; lucky for me, then that users of IE 5.5 and below constitute about 0.6% of my reading public (less if you include everyone who reads me via RSS).

It renders almost flawlessly in Safari and Firefox, and slightly less so in IE. The IE rendering problems are pretty much entirely inexplicable and can only be blamed on IE’s quirky interpretation of CSS standards. The Safari and Firefox issues are both very minor and entirely my fault, so I’ll go back in and tweak some of the archive template at some point soon.

The obvious moral of the story is not to use Internet Exploder to surf the web—or, indeed, for anything at all.

The hardest part of the whole process was getting the individual archive pages to work properly. The rest was pretty straightforward.

In case you’re wondering, the basic framework was lifted directly from this A List Apart article on simple three-column design in CSS.

1 Comment

Better than the last few betas I saw but in no way "cleaner than the old one."

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