It's That Time Again


I’m beta-testing the new look for right over here. Please leave comments—you love it, you hate it, you know where I ripped off found inspiration for the design.


I like it. And I will own up to realizing only now that you've never had a traditional title banner - or a title for that manner. You are like the hip, obscure bar with the unmarked entrance.

I like it, but I'm not sure I like it SO much more than your existing design. It's not exactly a radical overhaul. Both look fine. I would be happy, however, to never see that banner shaped photo of the lava stone that looks like a giant turd in the sand, so for that reason alone I'm for the new design.

I hate it. Then again, I read you in my RSS reader, so I never see the front of your site anyway, so don't change anything on my account.

Honestly, I sort of fall into the "hate it" camp. But, much like Ali, 99% of the time I just see your posts via RSS so my opinion doesn't really matter much in this case.

But why do you hate it?

Hate it. Reminds me of a page from a photo album, where there's three going one way and two going another. I'm scrolling down to see a picture of you giving your sister "bunny ears" at Disneyworld! The old one is far superior because of the one long photo... simplicity. However, the lava turd *does* have to go!

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