It's About Time

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Apple has finally introduced Intel-based iBooks MacBooks. They come in both classic white and black (the black model is, for some reason $150 more expensive than the white model for the same configuration). The new MacBooks have a magnetic latch (the original clamshell iBook didn’t have a mechanical latch, either), and the screen, instead of a matte surface, features what Apple is calling a “glossy” screen.

The “glossy” screen technology is, I believe, the same technology that Sony has been using on their Vaio laptop displays for some time.

It has an alleged 6-hour battery life, which is awfully nice, and it weighs only 5.2 pounds. Hmmm…..

Apple also took the opportunity to very quietly bump up the processor speeds on the 15” MacBook Pro and offer “glossy” screens on both models of the MacBook Pro.

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Going to the 5th ave. opening tomorrow?

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