I Don't Think That "...vision" Is Really The Right Word

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03_finland_left_2006.jpg A Finnish heavy metal band named Lordi (most likely an amalgam of “Loki” and “Lord”, unless it’s an unlikely homage to Lodi, California) managed to win the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Their winning entry, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” was performed while the band wore costumes that would not be out of place in the Klingon room at a SF convention and monster masks that look like leftovers from a Troma spectacular.

Lordi, however, was not the most unusual competitor (after all, Nordic countries and heavy metal go together almost as naturally as meatballs and ligonberry jelly); this year’s most unlikely entry was a country band from Germany called Texas Lightning.

Still, as CNN noted, this is still Eurovision:

Regarded by many as the contest good taste forgot, Eurovision is adored by fans of camp everywhere.

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Don't forget Lodi, NJ. It's right near where I used to live in Hackensack, and has the added benefit of being around 10 feet wide. I think it's basically just large enough to hold the supermarket that sits in it.

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