Redesigns. Plus, Spam!

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Elizabeth Spiers has put together a rather snazzy redesign of her own site, at long last retiring the classic (if I say so myself) blue-on-blue of the old design.

And in other blog-related news, I’ve turned off MT 3.2’s built-in spam filters in favor of MT-Akismet. MT 3.2’s spam filters were very good—a vast improvement over what previously existed, to be sure—but the spammers were slowly winning the war, and more and more spam was slipping by my defenses (including renaming mt-comment.cgi and mt-tb.cgi). Askimet is very, very, very good. I haven’t had a single piece of spam slip through yet. If you’re having trouble with spam on your blog — and if you don’t, you probably don’t have comments open — try Askimet.

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I will try this...once I upgrade my MT.

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