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RE: keyboardless computers and PDAs - not only is the gap between cell phones and PDAs closing rapidly, but it's also worth noting that the most popular PDA/phone combos are all adding mini-keyboards to them... my treo, for instance, wouldn't be half as useful without the keyboard.

I think until flat-screen touchscreens are cheap enough and high enough resolution (both in terms of visual resolution and tactile resolution) and support multiple simultaneous inputs, while making it more sturdy and up to the heavy useage it'd require, it's a waste of time. When you can use your entire screen as an input device, and type with both hands and drag things around and do it in real time without lag for hours every day (ala the "Star Trek computer"), well, then it'll work. Of course, at that point, you're not keyboardless - you're just making the keyboard virtual.

Of course, that point ain't all that far off nowadays... but it's still a few years away, and without the hardware component, Origami or any other initiative is doomed.

(Reading that article is amusing, though - they obviously just weren't prepared. Running on battery power? The presenters don't even know how to use the box? That's just inexcusable, and one thing Jobs at least knew how to do - I've read a lot about his presentation prep, and while he's an asshole, he's a thorough asshole.)

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