We Are Like Dust In The Wind

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Zeldman on a very hard problem:

Anyone who has worked long and hard on a blog, zine, or web product realizes how ephemeral they are. (We are Ozymandias.) Preserving blogs is a multilayered task involving curatorial and editorial acumen, systems and programming skills, an understanding of copyright law, and more. If the preservationists do their job right, people 25 years from now will have some inkling of what we have created in this time. If they get it wrong, our work turns to sand.

Of course, this reminds one of the once-famous three-step “Feynman Problem Solving Algorithm,” reputed to work wonders on hard problems (as reported by Murray Gell-Mann):

  1. Write down the problem.
  2. Think very hard.
  3. Write down the answer.

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That algorithm is going to change my life.

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