Little Grains of Sand

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Wil Shipley has a great post about his Microsoft Enhanced (TM) DVR and condoms. No, really.

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Wow, this man needs to discover the beauties of MythTV and functional software (ie linux). Seriously, check it out. It's a bit more expensive to set up correctly, but Biostar is sellin a sweet little unit called the iDeq 210V. Slap a cheap sempron in it, some cheap ddr and perhaps a cdrom, then put in a tv card that has linux drivers, set up Ubuntu or whatever your favorite simple distro is, instal MythTV, and, well, something to do with oysters.

And the beauty of it all is: MythTV is open source, so if your so inclined, you can hack it to display a "Enhanced for your pleasure" icon in the corner of the screen ;)

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