Seriously, That Seems Like a Little Bit of Overkill


So Microsoft had decided to release six different versions of Windows Vista (there are actually eight versions but two are only on sale in the EU, see infra). There is, for the home user, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, and Vista Ultimate. For the business user there will be Vista Business and Vista Enterprise (one wonders if they’ll follow up with Vista Excelsior, Vista Voyager, and Vista DS9). There will also be a “stripped-down” version for “emerging markets” (one wonders why they’ll bother since all the non-stripped down versions will be available for purchase at special prices pirated within days of the official release), and two versions of the Home and Business products without the Windows Media Player for EU release.

This, of course, doesn’t include the various server versions (to be called Windows Server “Longhorn”).

I know that more consumer choice is supposed to be good, but this is just ridiculous.


They left out the following (included with tag lines):

1) Vista Professional -- We make your work secure. (MS Insider memo -- Ha, secure. These customers I tell you, they'll buy anything.)

2) Vista 'Third World' -- Cheap and best. (MS Insider memo -- For all the third-world pirates. Include that killer bug from the beta version.)

3) Vista Vista -- Double the power (MS Insider memo -- and half the (security) holes.)

Maybe they're doing this for more virus differentiation? Virus manufacturers probably want to specialize, target a specific market....

I'm sad because I want to buy the new Apple/Intel fusion in the hopes that they will be able to install Windows. I just want to play some games.

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